Monday, January 30, 2006

A Very Messy House

Okay, so it's an apartment and not a house, but that's just a detail. Anyway, my apartment currently looks like a cross between a disaster area and a garage sale. I did manage to get quite a bit of painting done over the weekend; I painted on Friday evening and then Saturday morning and afternoon. I got my princess vanity finished as well as all of the doors, doorframes, and baseboards in that part of the house. I haven't painted the trim in the bedroom yet, but I think that's just going to have to wait. I also need to figure out what to do with the kitchen, but I'm not ready to tackle that project yet. Also, I managed to acquire some new furniture today. I bought a new table and chairs--a fairly nice wood set, my other set was getting a bit wobbly--and the lady I got them from gave me a desk too (for free). I'd been wanting to get a desk, but I hadn't been able to find one that I liked. (This one is actually a little bigger than what I would have picked out on my own, but the price was right.) So I currently have three tables, eight chairs, a desk, and an end table that are in the middle of my living and dining rooms; I need to get rid of some stuff...or at least move it out to the garage until I can find it a permanent home.

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