Monday, January 16, 2006

Painting Day

Today was my painting day. I've been wanting to paint my bathroom, my princess vanity, and the wood trim in my apartment for months now, but I'd just never actually taken the time to do it. I finally pulled out the paint and spent most of the day working. I managed to get the bathroom finished except for the trim (which I think I'll do in an accent color), and the vanity's finished except for a few spots that I want to go over again. I didn't do anything spectacular with my painting--just a fresh coat of white paint. (Everything that I repainted was already white, but it all looked like it hadn't had a fresh coat of paint in a very long time. Now it all looks nice and fresh and clean.) Though I did finish the bathroom and most of the vanity, I didn't get the trim and the doors all painted today. Maybe I'll try to get that all finished on Friday so I can put the paint away for a while....

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