Monday, January 23, 2006

Hot Water and a Road Trip

Wow, I survived both the weekend and a Monday....

Thursday evening proved interesting as, upon my return to my apartment after work, I discovered that I did not have any hot water. I was just getting ready to wash dishes, and all I had was cold water. I tried lighting my hot water heater, but the pilot light wouldn't stay lit. I called my landlord on Friday morning and I had hot water again on Sunday morning. (Granted, Thursday to Sunday is a long time to be without hot water, but I was out of town for much of that time....)

Anyway, Jimmy and I made a little road trip this weekend. He had a job interview in OKC on Friday. Since I don't have classes or work on Friday, I went along with him. I spent some time (while he was at his interview) reading and doing homework. After his interview, we spent some time seeing the sights in OKC. We went to Bricktown (their downtown area), the OKC bombing memorial and museum, and then to the state capitol. After OKC, we went to Wichita. We spent the evening with my friend Megan, and then on Saturday we went to a wedding. (Congrats go out to Michael and Katie!) We came back home after the wedding on Saturday.

Sunday was generally uneventful...other than the whole fixing of the hot water heater. Monday was a typical Monday--busy, busy, busy....

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