Friday, January 13, 2006


Ahhh, Friday.... The first week of school always seems dreadfully long even though it really isn't. I think I'll be glad when I get back to a more normal schedule for the semester. I'll have more reading this semester since I have two classes that focus on novels, but I also won't have any classes or meetings or anything on Fridays.

We have a long weekend this weekend (MLKJr. Day). I'm having a Killer Bunnies party over at my apartment on Saturday night with a few of my friends/co-workers from the department. We're planning on having supper and then playing bunnies until the cows come home (maybe, I just like the way that sounds). I don't know what else I'll be doing over the weekend--some reading for sure and maybe I'll finally do some painting in my apartment. (I like the colors in my apartment, but a new coat of white paint in the bathroom and on my princess vanity would make the place look fresher and cleaner and brighter. I should use the extra day to do something productive, but who knows what will happen...

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