Saturday, May 24, 2008

Baby Lily (Part 2)

Here's the promised baby picture. This one was taken while we were still in the hospital, but it's our favorite picture of her so far. In general, everything is going well. Daddy is proud of his little princess, and baby is happy and healthy. Mommy isn't as sleep-deprived as she excepted to be, but is still fatter than she had expected. (If baby weighed almost 9 pounds at birth, how is it I managed to come home from the hospital only 10 pounds lighter than when I went in? Something just doesn't seem right here....)

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Baby Lily

Baby Lily has arrived. (Actually, she arrived a few days ago.) We came home from the hospital today, and I'll try to post a picture or two soon....

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Renaissance Festival & Sunburn; Onions and Mosquitoes

Jimmy and I took a little trip to the annual Renaissance Festival at the Castle in Muskogee today. It's fairly well-known event, even though I'd never been before. (I'd been to the one in Kansas City, but never the one in Muskogee.) Anyway, we went and spent several hours walking around and looking at everything. We admired the period costumes, and decided that if we're going to go back next year we need to dress up. (I do have a Renaissance outfit, but it's in a box way up at the top of my closet; also, I'm pretty sure the corset wouldn't fit right now anyway. We'll either have to buy or make something for Jimmy before next year.) We had turkey legs for lunch and contemplated getting a funnel cake, but we were too full from the turkey legs. The event was a lot of fun even though I ended up with a mild sunburn (very mild -- only the tops of my shoulders and my nose are a tad pink) and slightly sore legs and ankles.

Later this evening I spent some time working on my garden. Given the circumstances, I'm not being very ambitious this year. I'm doing most of the garden in pots. So far I have 2 pots of tomatoes and 1 each of basil, peppermint, oregano, cilantro, and rosemary. I have 1 empty pot left, and I think I'll plant a bell pepper plant in it. This evening I cleared a little spot in the yard for my onion patch. I had hoped to get the onions planted today, but that didn't quite happen. The mosquitoes outside were trying to carry me away, so I gave up on the onion patch for the evening. I guess I'll try to get out there and finish it sometime tomorrow....

Friday, May 16, 2008

Baby Day?

Today was supposedly Baby Day. Still no baby....

The Letter Between 'L' and 'N'

The darling husband's laptop has suffered a bit of an oops, which has resulted in new challenges in typing, working, and surfing the internet. Our desktop is functioning as usual, but the laptop has one large issue: the letter between 'L' and 'N' is no longer operational. The key won't work, and the only other option is to cut-and-paste the letter in when needed. While I didn't think this would be a large issue, I find that I've been surprised by the things that I can't type on the laptop: a plethora of internet addresses, darling husband's general address, the titles of the towns in which we reside and in which I grew up, and several of the logins and passwords that I use regularly for various things online.

Though this post is certainly brief, I have been successful in drafting the entire piece without said letter between 'L' and 'N.' I have, however, had to stretch the vocabulary a bit and think considerably longer than usual to finish this relatively brief post....

Monday, May 12, 2008

At Least it Wasn't a Purple Cow

I was craving an Orange Julius earlier this evening, and since there's no place to buy one where I currently reside, I decided to make one. I assembled all of my ingredients, put them in the blender, pressed the button, and was suddenly wearing about half of the contents of the blender. I'm not precisely sure what happened, but the glass pitcher broke and there was a terrible mess of glass and Orange Julius all over me, the cabinets, and the floor. While cleaning up the sticky mess, two things came to my mind: 1) I needed to mop the floor anyway, and 2) at least it wasn't a Purple Cow.

After I cleaned up the mess, I managed to find the blender that Jimmy and I received as a wedding present last year, and I thus proceeded to make myself another Orange Julius which, just in case you were wondering, tastes wonderful.

Friday, May 09, 2008

My Little Assistant

I got out my sewing machine to do some work today, and I've had a little more assistance than I had imagined. There were several little projects that I had hoped to tackle today, but at this point I'll be satisfied if I just manage to finish the curtains....

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Happy Cinco de Mayo!!

Okay, I know Cinco de Mayo was yesterday, but today was a better day to celebrate. I had lunch with Jimmy at his work--authentic Mexican food, which was fabulous. I also get to celebrate the end of the semester today. My last day at work was yesterday, so today seemed like to good day to celebrate. I still have some things that I need to work on within the next few days/weeks and over the summer, but yesterday was my last day in the office for a while....