Friday, January 27, 2006

"Practice delayed gratification."

"Practice delayed gratification." That's the quote that came up today on the '366 Ways to Better Your Life' calendar that I have in the office. (The calendar was a gift, really!) Anyway, the note started me thinking about our 'instant gratification' culture and how we always want things now. Drive-throughs give us our fast food in just a few minutes (and it's already 'fast food,' so does the drive-through make it 'faster food?'). Similarly, the internet puts information only a mouse-click away; no more going to the bank or going out shopping--you can do all of that online and then have the things you bought express-delivered directly to your house. Our culture puts so much emphasis on 'faster' that individuals don't have much of an opportunity to practice the virtue of patience....

Okay, I'm finished with my little rant for the day. I also finished with student conferences (they were just in the morning), and I'm getting ready to go home. I need to spend some time today reading and researching; I have a short paper on the war poetry of Walt Whitman due on Monday. However, I think I might paint today instead. My apartment is still a mess from the painting project I started two weeks ago, and I really want to get the project finished so my apartment can return to a normal state. (I've been patiently putting up with my own mess, but I just can't be patient any longer!)

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