Friday, January 28, 2011

My Grammatically Correct Toddler

Sometimes when it's time for bed Lily wants to watch VeggieTales. Given that most episodes are too long for pre-bedtime viewing, we've resorted to watching Silly Songs segments instead. Here's the one she requested tonight:

Tonight was a sing-along night.... When it got the the "he don't got a belly button" part of the song, the little Lily voice beside me sang "he doesn't have a belly button." Mommy was proud!

Monday, January 17, 2011

The Lemon

We got some new kitchen items over Christmas, and we've been trying some of them out lately. One of the things that we got was a microplane, so Jimmy picked up a lemon at the store when trying out a new recipe that called for some lemon peel. After grating a little of the peel, he put the lemon in the fruit bowl with the grapefruit and oranges. Lily, who has been eating a lot of Cuties and oranges lately, was excited to see something new in her fruit bowl. After a day or two of just looking at the lemon, she informed me that she wanted to eat the lemon. I told her that lemons are sour and yucky and that she probably wouldn't like it. She insisted: "I want the lemon. I'll eat it all gone." (And she told me this repeatedly!) I gave in, peeled the lemon, and put a few slices in her bowl. She took one bite, and there were tears....

Friday, January 14, 2011

Tales from the Big(ger) Bed

We converted Lily's baby bed to a toddler bed last weekend, and this past week has been quite an adventure as far as bedtimes and naptimes have been concerned. We've had success with bedtimes, but naptimes are another story....

So, on night one, getting Lily to sleep was a challenge. Both Mommy and Daddy started the night sleeping on the floor in Lily's room. Daddy got kicked out when he started snoring after about 30 minutes. Mommy ended up sleeping on the floor for about 2 hours until Daddy came in and woek her up.... On night two, Lily went to sleep all on her own. On night three, Lily wanted to go to sleep in Mommy's bed, so we started off in Mommy's bed and she got moved to her own bed after about an hour and a half. After the first three nights, she's been pretty good about going to bed in her big bed. Sometimes she still gets up and we have to try the whole going-to-bed thing more than once, but she's doing pretty well with bedtimes overall.

Naptimes, on the other hand, have been an entirely different story.... So far we have not managed to get Lily to take a nap in her own bed. We've had several days where naps were missing altogether, a few days where naps amounted to couch naps with Mommy, and two days where she took 'tent naps' in the little indoor/outdoor tent that she got for Christmas. (It's really cute to see her all curled up with a few pillows on the floor of her little tent....) Though she's fighting taking naps, her attitude at 4pm on no-nap days indicates that she certainly isn't ready to start going without naps altogether....