Thursday, January 28, 2010


The weather is becoming a bit of a problem here. I was supposed to take some of my music students to a choral event on Jan. 7. The weather interfered, and the event mas moved to Jan. 28. Once again, the weather has interfered, and the event has been rescheduled for Feb. 5. While I was initially quite excited for the event, now I'm just ready to get it over with already!! Stupid snow and ice....

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Baby Bathtubs?

The seal between the wall and the bathtub in our main bathroom needed to be re-sealed, so I decided to tackle that project this past weekend. There had been a plastic adheasive strip seal thingie down, and I had to remove and replace that. I would have liked to simply have caulked the seam, but that wouldn't work. So, I ended up replacing the plastic strip and then caulking around it. When I bought the products I needed, I did my best to match colors; both the strip and the caulk were labeled as "bright white." The color of the two items, however, did not match. When Jimmy saw the finished project, he remarked, "It looks like the strip turned pink." I tried to hold in the laughter, but the only thing I could say in reply was "So does that mean we're going to have baby bathtubs?"

Saturday, January 23, 2010

My Teething Toddler

My little angel is getting in a new tooth, and apparently this one's causing some grief. Most of her other teeth seem to have come in relatively easily...or at least there was relatively little crying and screaming to accompany the teething process. This time's different. Lily's been cranky and fussy, and naptime seems to be the worst. We fought about the nap thing for about 2 hours this afternoon, at which point I decided to give up and go pick up something I needed at the mall. Lily stayed awake for the car ride to the mall, and fell asleep almost as soon as she hit the stroller. Since I actually wanted her to take a nap, I spent an extra hour and a half wandering around the mall so she could sleep in her stroller....

Thursday, January 14, 2010

"Where are the apples?"

My little sweetie is such a smartie.... We went shopping today; my goal was to buy two new pairs of shoes: black flats (a la maryjanes, or the closest thing I could find) and brown boots with heels. I bought two pairs of shoes, and at least one of them was what I intended on purchasing!! Anyway, as I was checking out at the shoe store, the sales associate and manager, both were very vivacious and apparently having a rather slow day, asked if I had any questions about their refund or rewards policies. I answered in the negative, and they then proceeded to ask Lily if she had any questions. She looked at them with a very perplexed look on her face and asked, in relatively pain English, "Where are the apples?" Thy guys in the shoe store were floored, and then couldn't stop laughing....

Monday, January 11, 2010

The Rhetoric of Soap Bottles

I was reading soap bottles in the bathroom today, and I noticed something interesting. Three different products had three very different statements regarding animal testing:
Product 1: "Never Tested on Animals"
Product 2: "This Finished Product Not Tested on Animals"
Product 3: "Against Animal Testing"
Products 1 and 2 are from the same company, which would seem suggest that some of their products, somewhere in the production process, are in fact tested on animals. Product 3 is from a fair-trade company that does not test on animals, but the label doesn't explicitly state that. It would be possible for a company to be against animal testing, yet still do it, right? Anyway, it seems that there's a cultural studies project in here somwhere...maybe something on the rhetoric of soap bottles and cereal boxes perhaps....

Wednesday, January 06, 2010


Lily got a bubble machine for Christmas. She and Daddy got it out to play with it. (However, Mommy has now determined that it is an outside toy. It made lots of bubbles and we ended up having to mop the floor to get rid of all the bubble juice after we were finished playing.)

Sunday, January 03, 2010


I'm only making a few New Year's Resolutions this year, and I'm hoping that I'll be able to keep them....

Resolution 1: Write More
Several things fall under this topic. First, take better care of my poor neglected blog. My generally realistic goal is to post at least once a week. (I like my blog, I really do, but I just can't seem to keep it updated. I blame Facebook!) Second, finish my dissertation. I'm making slow progress on the thing, but I really want to have the thing finished by the end of this new year. And third, write Christmas thank-yous and Valentine cards. Since Christmas cards and letters just didn't happen this year, I'm going to try to do a big mailing of Valentine cards this year instead.

Resolution 2: Take (and Print) More Pictures
I got a nice new digital SLR camera for Christmas, and my goal is to take more (and better) pictures. Along with that, I also need to print more pictures to send to family members who don't have computer access.

I'm sure there are all sorts of other things that I should/shouldn't resolve to do for this new year, but I think I'll limit my formal list to two. The fewer resolutions I make, the fewer I'll be tempted to break!!