Friday, February 24, 2006

Hiccups and Salsa

Not quite chips and salsa....

I've ended up with the hiccups this morning. I don't get hiccups very often, but I find them overly irritating when I do end up with a case of them. I'm just hoping that they don't last all day....

And salsa. Jimmy and I went to salsa lessons last night at our church. They were supposed to be dance lessons, but the instructor didn't show up. There were quite a few unfamiliar faces around, so it wouldn't have been the best environment for trying to learn to dance anyway. (Do you ever notice how people who you never see at church magically seem to appear for the social activities?) We did, however, get some directions on making salsa; Jimmy and I had tried that once or twice before, but our salsa never really looked like salsa. Since the dancing thing didn't work out, we decided to do the coffee and Killer Bunnies thing again. We went to our favorite little coffee shop, but they didn't have any tables available. Since the coffee and bunnies thing didn't work out, we decided to go browse in a few little shops. The shops were closed. Since the browsing through stores didn't work out, we decided to go to an Irish pub. That worked, so we each had a beer at the bar. (I hadn't had a Guinness since Ireland.) We decided to call it quits for the evening after that.

(Jimmy sent me a comic when I first mentioned the salsa lessons to him this past week. I thought it was funny.)

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