Monday, August 28, 2006

Wedding Show

Yep, another wedding-type post.... Anyway, Jimmy and I went to a big wedding show yesterday. (And yes, it was a wedding show rather than a bridal show; boys were invited.) We were hoping to get some ideas and get a lot of things accomplished, but that didn't really happen. I picked up a lot of flyers and collected business cards, but that's about it. The place was completely packed (I think they were planning on having part of the show outside, but it was raining.), so it was a bit difficult to navigate. I did learn, however, that there are some places to which children, particularly babies in strollers, should not be brought. With the crowds, strollers caused traffic jams, and crying babies weren't appreciated with all of the other noise. And besides, aren't the babies supposed to come sometime after the wedding rather than before?

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