Thursday, August 24, 2006

Washing Dishes

I just finished washing dishes for the night. (Or, as they would say back home, 'warshing' dishes.) My glorified hallway that I call my kitchen doesn't have a dishwasher, so I get to wash all of my dishes the old-fashioned way. As I was washing my silverware, I noticed something: one of my spoons had the word 'China' on it. Isn't china the stuff that goes in the cabinet rather than the stuff that goes in drawers? Does my china (the very few pieces that I have, which were purchased at a second-hand store) say something like 'silver' on it?


carol the fat sister said...

Perhaps you need to dig out the bifocals to see if it says "made in" in front of the word China!

ginabnina said...

Nope, all is said was 'China,' I'm sure of it.... (I'm not that old yet!)

Johnny Introvert said...

Well you had better be careful with them. I'd hate to see your spoons shatter when dropped on the floor!