Tuesday, August 15, 2006

My Yucky Phone

(And yes, I did use the word 'yucky' in the title for today's post.) Anyway, I got a new phone just over a month ago. Thirty-four days ago to be exact. (I know this because I checked the receipt.) I've been having trouble with my phone almost since I got it. First it told me that the battery wasn't working. Then things worked fine. Then one day it wouldn't let me make or receive calls. (Okay, it would let me make and receive calls, but in about 20 seconds the phone would die and I would have to start the whole process over again.) The next day everything was fine. Today my phone died. It just died. I took it to the phone-fixer place and the phone-fixer-guy gave me a new battery. I went home and tried to charge said new battery. And then my phone let me know that the battery was not able to be charged. I promptly returned to visit the phone-fixer-guy, this time with my charger too, and he gave me a phone number to call to get a replacement phone. Then I went back to the office to call the phone number to get said replacement phone. I called, and the guy who answered the phone was quite helpful. However, it will be at least 2 days until they can get a new phone to me...and that's after I agreed to pay the $7.50 for rush delivery. (I just hope that I actually get the new phone within the promised two days, and I also hope that the few things I downloaded will transfer from the one phone to the next...otherwise there's a wasted $10.)

I'm a little frustrated today; can you tell? (And the fact that I spent most of the day in meetings all in the same room probably didn't help much either.)

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ginabnina said...

An Update....

It took a little over a week and nearly a dozen phone calls, but I have a functioning phone again and credits on my account for my downloads as well as for the days I was phoneless.

And here's what I've learned: I liked AT&T and want them to magically reappear and make Cingular disappear. I like Nokia better, even if Motorola is more popular. USPS may take longer, but they don't get lost like FedEx and UPS.

No, I'm not bitter....