Monday, August 14, 2006


I've been suffering from bagpipe deprivation since I moved to Oklahoma--actually longer than that. I attended an undergrad institution with a very strong Scottish heritage, and they had bagpipes at what seemed like every major college event. I developed a liking for bagpipes, but I haven't heard them played very often since I finished undergrad. As I was wandering through one of the buildings on campus today, I heard a pipe and drum band rehearsing for an event. I stopped and listened outside the door just because....

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Anonymous said...

Ahhh...the mesmerizing sound of the pipes. I remember the Keynote Convocation our freshman year. The piper played "Amazing Grace," and I sobbed uncontrollably on the way out of the auditorium. Dr. Marsh and Kathy Glynn stopped me on the sidewalk just past Wilson to make sure I was okay. "Nothing," I replied, it's just that the bagpipes make me cry." I have a complicated relationship with the bagpipes. I don't cry because I don't like their strange yet beautiful sound; I cry because I love them.

Elisabeth O.