Friday, April 07, 2006

Woes of the Social Secretary

Today was a Friday, but it certainly didn't feel like one. Instead of having my typical do-nothing Friday, I had a busy day in the office. I had conferences with my students in the morning and early afternoon, and then I spent the later part of the afternoon preparing for the department movie party that was tonight. I'm the Event Coordinator (though I prefer the term 'Social Secretary') for our department graduate student organization, so I get to put together all of the parties and fun stuff like that. The party tonight went pretty well, though attendance wasn't very good. (That's one of the things that I find most frustrating about my position. I try to organize things and then nobody comes. Even when I ask people what they want to do and plan events on the days and times that they request, relatively few people come to things. Grrrr....) I think tonight's movie party was probably the last real social event for the semester. By now, we're all getting wrapped up in classes and work; nobody really has time for social events any more. (Only two more weeks of classes this semester. Ahhh!) I think we'll probably have a finals week pizza party, but all I'll have to do for that is go buy pizza and e-mail everyone to let them know when and where to find the pizza.

Anyway, I'm finally ready to leave the office for the day. YAY for the weekend!!

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