Monday, April 17, 2006

Happy Easter!!

Okay, so I'm a day late. The Easter Bunny's come and gone (and he missed my house), and all the chocolate bunnies have either been devoured or have melted by now. Also, I don't know of any Salvador Dali painting of the Resurrection, so I can't add one of those....

Anyway, my Easter weekend, like to many other weekends, was spent with my nose in a book...well, books actually. I flew through George Du Maurier's Trilby, and then I started on Mary Elizabeth Braddon's Aurora Floyd. I enjoyed the Du Maurier; my older edition book had wonderful illustrations, but quite a bit of the dialogue was in French. (My older edition didn't have any footnotes or glosses on the French. And I don't speak French. Therefore, there were certain things that I kinda missed.) I'm not having any language difficulties with the Braddon text (plus I think there's only one edition of that book currently in print), but this book just isn't reading quite as quickly as the other one. (I guess by the time I skipped all the parts that were in French....)

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