Saturday, June 30, 2007

More Rain, More Rain

It rained today. Again. It has rained every day this week; I checked the weather records on, and they're reporting that we've had rain here for 18 of the last 21 days. The yard is like a wet sponge; every time I take a step water oozes up from the ground around my foot. Algae is beginning to appear everywhere...not just on the ground but on sidewalks and driveways as well. Anyway, today it waited until the evening to rain. This made me happy as I was able to spend part of the afternoon working in my garden. I picked beans and cucumbers, and I pulled lots of weeds. Most of my garden seems to be doing pretty well. However, my cabbage is looking awful. It looks all wilted and sad (like it should look on a 100 degree day when it hasn't been watered for the better part of a week); though I'm not certain, I think that the roots are simply not establishing themselves and are thus rotting in the ground.

I don't want to live in a swamp any more....

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Anonymous said...

Glad most of your plants are doing well, there in the swamp. We haven't seen that much rain here. LT