Friday, June 01, 2007

June Already....

It seems like the last part of May has just gotten away from me.... I've been reading and studying, avoiding reading and studying, and doing a whole lot of other things too.

My Garden -- I finally finished planting everything in my garden. Everything has come up except the potatoes and the mint (and at this point I don't know if they're going to come up any more). The birds had been eating my garden, so I bought a bird feeder to lure them away from my plants and seeds. The tactic is working wonderfully, but the birds are hungry little creatures. I filled the bird feeder twice yesterday, and they had emptied it twice by nightfall. They do spill some of the birdseed on the ground, but they eat it off of the ground too.

Totus Tuus -- I've been helping out with teacher training for the Totus Tuus program during the past several days. I helped prepare meals today, but I did some of the behind-the-scenes work earlier in the week. The group leaves for a week-long training tomorrow, and Jimmy will be going with them as the cook and general go-fer.

AP Reading -- Before Jimmy leaves tomorrow, he gets to take me to the airport. I get to hop on a plane to Louisville, KY for the annual AP English Literature reading. It'll be a long week, but there will be some fun in it too. (However, Louisville's not Daytona Beach. I'm taking the Killer Bunnies.)

I could keep rambling, but I won't.... However, I did see a funny thing today: I was driving behind a car that had a sticker on it that said 'Brown Ford.' The car was red.

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Have a good trip LT