Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Hotel Pillows and Fire Alarms

Okay, I don't know who told the hotel people that everyone likes big fluffy pillows because, you know what, we don't!! While I understand that most people like pillows that are 8-12 inches tall (each), I'm not one of those people. I've been having trouble sleeping every night because my pillow is too big. I just want a normal pillow. Nothing extravagant, just something reasonable.

The fire alarms went off in our hotel at about 10pm last night. I was up in my room (on the 23rd floor) when the alarm went off. The alarm was followed by a disembodied voice giving instructions on what to do. After about half an hour things cleared out and we were allowed to go back to our usual business. When I arrived for breakfast this morning, I was informed that the alarm went off at about 3am as well. I guess I slept through that one. Perhaps the hotel should rethink the volume of its alarm system.

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lb said...

On the bright side - I guess that means you were able to sleep on your big fluffy pillow after all!!!