Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Summer Bum

I guess I've been something of a bum the past several days. I haven't been very productive; I keep telling myself that I'll start with the work tomorrow.... I need to go back to the office and finish packing so I can move to my new office, but I just haven't really been motivated to do so. I've been doing some reading, but certainly not as much as I should be doing. Jimmy took me to see a matinee of The Devil Wears Prada yesterday. I enjoyed the movie; it was nice to see something where no one got blown up or killed for a change. (Yes, I've seen plenty of non-violent movies; I just hadn't seen one of them in a theatre recently.) I'm sure the book is probably better, but the movie was certainly good too. Jimmy and I have been getting started with the wedding plans recently; I never realized just how many decisions go into planning a wedding. (I think I now understand why people elope....)

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