Saturday, July 01, 2006

Cook-out, Croquet, and Climbing

Though I initially imagined today as a quiet and peaceful Saturday that I would have all to myself, the day was much more eventful than I'd originally anticipated. One of my friends had family in town, so she decided to have a cook-out at the park for both friends and family. We had the usual hamburgers and hotdogs and all that stuff, and then after dinner (or lunch, depending on your part of the country) we played a rousing round of croquet. While Mom and Dad had a croquet set in the basement when I was little, I don't ever remember actually learning to play. Granted, I do remember taking the mallets and hitting the balls around in the basement (and sometimes even in the front yard), but I don't think I ever actually learned how to play the game. The game's both more fun and more involved than I'd imagined...maybe I'll try to play again sometime. After our croquet, we went rock climbing at the park. The rocks weren't huge and we didn't use any ropes or anything like that, but it was still a lot of fun. I'd never been rock climbing before, so I learned a lot and had fun too. So after all of that, my arms are a little pink and a few muscles are a little tired.

I was expecting an uneventful evening, but then a friend called and suggested we go see Superman Returns. I saw the movie with Jimmy and one of our friends on Thursday, but since I didn't have anything else planned.... Anyway, I enjoyed the movie even more the second time. Being that I'm not a comic book junkie or superhero enthusiast, I was a bit surprised to see Marlon Brando listed in the cast....

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