Monday, June 26, 2006

Things You Find When You Clean the Office....

I'm spending my afternoon in the office -- cleaning the office, supposedly. Since I'm taking on a new position next year, I'm being moved into a new office. (An office with windows; I'm moving up in the world.) I'm not too excited about moving because I like my position in the building, even though my current office doesn't have any windows. (I'm right across the hall from all three of the professors that I'm working with this next year; it's very convenient.) Anyway, the thing that I think I like least about switching offices is the whole cleaning and moving process. I'm sorting through files and preparing to box up books (which will probably stay in their boxes because I don't have room for them at my apartment and my new office doesn't have a whole wall of bookshelves).

Anyway, when I was sorting through a few files, I came across a couple of sheets of collected quotes from a favorite English professor. They made me smile, so I thought I would share.... Here are some words of wisdom and insight from a brilliant mind:

"A woman seducing a man is comic; a man seducing a woman is tragic." --on romance and anti-romance

"It's like a cat that goes out and kills a rat, then drags it back to show what it's done." --on chivalry, knights, and loyalty to the lady

"Lets learn while you burn!" --on reading and sunbathing

"I forgot what the rest of my sentence was going to be." --on speaking and complex sentences

"Her name was Brittany long before 'Brittany' was popular. I always want to call her Normandy; those are two provinces in France." --on naming

"I hope that some of my former students haven't stolen it." --on her favorite book on Chaucer in the library

"Well, at least we know earth is fallen. I'm not sure about Mars and Jupiter." --on the sinfulness of man

"The Muslims must be kind of like the Baptists.... If you want to get back at the Catholics, bomb the Pope.... If you have a group of fanatic Baptists, who do you punish? It's just not handy." --on retaliation for terrorist attacks

"It was beautiful, but I couldn't understand it." --on Shelley's "Ode to Skylark"


Dorinda said...

Ah, SaraMac. I just wrote her a note this afternoon. Got anymore quotes?

ginabnina said...

I have a few more; I'll try to find them.... Did you keep a copy of the file we found in the Stir office with all the SaraMac quotes? (I remember finding it and reading it and laughing, but I know I don't have a copy of it.) Also, could you send her address (or e-mail address, or whatever contact information you have)? I'd like to send her a little note....