Thursday, June 15, 2006

Something Resembling a Summer Routine....

I feel like I'm starting to settle back into something of a summer routine. This week's been relatively uneventful (which is fairly typical for summer). I've been spending part of the mornings at the gym, and I spent a few mornings playing in the dirt and letting the mosquitoes eat me. I'm working on a potted garden; I have a patio tomato and I planted lettuce, basil, rosemary, chives, and sage (and some pretty flowers too). I don't know how much luck I'll have with my plants since I planted them this late, but I'll certainly have fun with them. My summer class met on Monday and Wednesday, and they managed to do okay without me last week. It seems like the summer term's nearly disappeared: one more week and I'm finished with my class. (And I'm still searching for another part-time job to fill some hours for the rest of the summer....)

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