Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Elvis and Willard

Elvis has left the building, and Willard was forcibly removed....

Elvis is the big black lab who lives with the guy in the apartment across the hall. The guy across the hall is out of town for the summer, so Elvis has a new home somewhere for the summer.

While Elvis left the building willingly, Willard was forcibly removed. Willard was a mouse who moved into my kitchen. (Actually, this was Willard #2. The original Willard moved in at about Thanksgiving and was evicted after a few weeks. It took a while to locate Willard #1; Jimmy says he had the little guy in the witness protection program for something.) Anyway, I learned a few things with Willard #1, so I bypassed all of the snap traps and the fancy traps and just started in with the sticky traps. (They're kinda gross, but they actually work!) So Willard #2 was evicted from the premises yesterday, only a single day after his presence was discovered.... (YAY no more Willard!!)

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