Thursday, January 18, 2007

Wedding Invitations

I mailed the first round of wedding invitations today. Though I'm glad that they're in the mail, I'm just hoping they all reach their destinations without any problems. I took a sample invitation in to the campus post office yesterday, and I talked to the guy at the window. He weighed an invitation and told me that it was merely fractions of an ounce from needing extra postage, but that it would be okay. He also told me that they would be able to hand cancel the stamps at the window in their little office. Today when I went back to the post office to mail the invitations, a different guy was there. He wasn't very polite or accommodating, he didn't offer to check the weight on the invitations, and he refused to hand cancel the stamps. (I realize that hand canceling stamps takes extra time, so refusing to hand cancel the stamps really isn't a big deal. I'm just a frustrated that yesterdays answers and todays answers didn't match.) Now I guess I'll just hope that none of the invitations arrive at their destinations 'postage due'!

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