Thursday, May 25, 2006

Totus Tuus (And Frogs!)

Today was the start of the Totus Tuus training session in Tulsa. I'm not teaching with the program this year, but Jimmy and I are helping with some of the behind-the-scenes work over the next few days. We're packing up supplies and preparing meals, and we also get to meet all of the people who will be teaching throughout the summer. The teaching crew will be going up to Kansas for a week-long training session beginning on Saturday, but they're doing some introductory and team-building activities before they meet up with the Wichita groups. I think most of the shopping and packing is finished, now it's just cooking and doing a little playing.

Jimmy and I prepared little gifts for the returning teachers. We gave Blaise (our stuffed frog, the team mascot from last year) to BK, and Erica got the remains of the Green Baron, the frog mascot of her team (which amounted to a bag full of stuffing, a few black-cats, and other random remaining parts from a frog that met tragic ends). While we had expected a few laughs and giggles in reaction to the little gifts, the reactions were much more dynamic and amusing....

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