Thursday, May 04, 2006

Celebrating with Blast!

I finished my classes for the semester, took my last exam yesterday afternoon. (YAY!!) Now all I have left to do is turn in grades for my students. Since the semester's over, I get to read 'just-for-fun' books for a while. I think I'll start with Bill's latest book and then maybe move on to some chicklit something-rather. I'll probably spend my time on a few 'beach reading' books before I return to working on my readling lists for my qualifying exams.

Anyway, Jimmy and I celebrated my being finished with a trip to the Performing Arts Center for a Blast! performance. (I think Jimmy's rejoicing that I'm finished with the semester too. I've heard the phrases 'Have you seen my girlfriend?' and 'When can I have my girlfriend back?' way to much during the past week.) Anyway, Blast! was my reward for surviving the semester. I'd seen them before a few years ago, so I was excited to see the performance again. The music was amazing, as I remembered, and the whole thing was very aesthetically pleasing. I think they had a few technically difficulties last night, as a few things didn't seem timed quite right, but the performance was still wonderful. I'm pretty certain Jimmy enjoyed it too (or at least he enjoyed it more than the opera).

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