Monday, March 27, 2006

Papers and Plants

Well, today was a typical Monday. I still haven't really recovered from the lack of sleep this weekend, so dragging myself out of bed this morning was even more difficult than usual. Classes today were fine, but I need to get to work on things for Wednesday. I have all of my reading for Wednesday finished, but I have a short paper due Wednesday that isn't finished. (I have a solid topic and all of my research is finished, I just need to sit down and write 7-8 pages.) I'll probably work on the paper for a bit tonight and then try to get a good night sleep so I can function tomorrow.

This past weekend was quite busy, though I don't feel that I managed to get very much accomplished. Jimmy took me shopping, and he bought me some early birthday presents: a large mirror and a set of 3 rod-iron crosses. We hung the mirror over the mantle in my apartment and the crosses ended up in my dining room. My apartment's slowly beginning to look less like a college student's dorm room.... I need to either buy or make some little planters to put out on my balcony. I'd like to try to grow some lettuce and herbs this summer, and I think they would look nice on the front balcony....

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