Thursday, December 15, 2005


I finished my papers and gave a presentation on Tuesday, and I turned in grades today...which means that I am officially FINISHED for the semester, WOOHOO!!!

I've been trying to catch up on things during the past few days. Everything tends to get neglected during the last couple of weeks during the semester, so it's time to recuperate from the end of the semester. I've been eating and sleeping on a somewhat regular schedule, my apartment is looking somewhat cleaner than it has in a while, and my car went in for an oil change and general check-up this afternoon. I did some of my Christmas shopping yesterday, so I slept in late this morning to recuperate from shopping. (In case you didn't know, I don't like shopping much....) Anyway, now I'm starting to get things ready to go homehome (homehome is where Mom and Dad live) for the break; I haven't made any definite plans yet, but I think I might leave on Saturday....

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Johnny Introvert said...

Congratulations! I always loved that "end of the semester" feeling of completion and finality. It is something that is painfully absent from the life of an ordinary working stiff. Unless you're a teacher. Hmmm... Maybe I should change professions.