Monday, October 24, 2005

Winter and Hot Tea

BRRRR!! The weather's gotten colder here lately. I've started to pull my sweaters out from their drawers and summer homes, and I probably need to turn my heater on in the next few days. I don't think the temperatures here have hit freezing yet, but it's been down in the 30s during the past few nights. I'd been warned about Oklahoma weather before I moved here: fall only lasts about a week, it's more like an abrupt jump from summer to winter instead of a gradual transition. (But then again, for all we know we'll see summer temperatures again this weekend....)

I'm having conferences with my students this morning to discuss the projects on which they're working. My office is dreadfully cold (as usual), so I decided to pull out my electric teapot (actually, it's a hotpot) and have tea this morning. It looks like I'll be drinking peach tea since that's the only thing that I seem to have in the office....

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