Thursday, October 13, 2005

Weapons Against Procrastination

A random quote taken out of context for today:
"I usually get at least one new weapon every year."

Despite what the quote might suggest, there's not much excitement here today. (No, I'm not quoting myself. Someone else said it and it was appropriate in the given's just more fun without the given context!) Anyway, I tutored this morning, have class all afternoon, and will probably spend the evening grading papers. I know there's Adoration and other stuff going on at Newman tonight, so I'll probably spend some time over there. The papers, however, are a priority. I've already had them way too long and I need to return them to my students very, very soon.

We'll be discussing Fanny Burney's novel Camilla in class this afternoon. I haven't finished the book (it's massive, over 900 pages!), but what I've read of it has been wonderful--it's relatively easy to read and generally entertaining. I need to start being brilliant and coming up with topics for my papers for this semester....

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Ketty Reppert said...

Hey Gina,

Do I get to be your first comment? :) I like the format--background color, font, etc. It's classy.

I'll be interested in how the experiment goes. Usually, I don't have the time/take the effort to check up on people's blogs. Maybe I'll turn over a new leaf.

I'm reading a collection of autobiographical selections by 50 20th century American women writers. It's very interesting. Yesterday I read a bit by Nikki Giovanni (I think that's her name) and liked it more than I expected.

Enough of a "comment". Take care and happy grading. (I just finished a round myself. The prize-winning line was the first sentence of one kid's paper where he misspelled his own name and described himself as "smartt"!)