Monday, October 31, 2005

The Weekend and a Halloween Party

Another Monday.... Today's a busy day--lots of meetings and things that need to be done.

The weekend, however, was quite eventful. The movie party on Friday night was fun. We (the graduate students in the department) transformed our seminar classroom into something resembling a movie theatre, ordered pizza, and watched Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. The movie was good, and we had fun hanging out and chatting together.

Anna, one of the people that I worked with this summer, came to town to visit for part of the weekend. We spent the remainder of the Friday night just hanging out and catching up; Saturday was more eventful. I made breakfast in the morning (apple crisp -- still have apples), and we went out to a steakhouse for dinner (or lunch or whatever you call that noon meal) with the other two members of our summer teaching team. We all spent the afternoon shopping and running around town; then we all got dressed up and went to a Halloween party in the evening. We didn't win any of the costume contests, but we had a good time together and we managed to win the pumpkin carving contest. (We carved an angel in our pumpkin; the design also looked like an upside-down traditional pumpkin face. We also painted out entire pumpkin blue.) Anna left after the party, as she had some commitments at home on Sunday morning.

Sunday felt like a very long day--and the dreary weather here didn't help. The sky was grey all day--everything was fuzzy and gloomy. The time change probably also contributed to the day feeling long. And now today's another cold and fuzzy and dreary (and rainy) day....

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