Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Wardrobe Shift

Today was the day of the great wardrobe shift -- the day where all of the spring and summer clothes get packed away in boxes and all of the fall and winter clothes come out of the aforementioned boxes (before the spring and summer things get put in them, of course). I also packed up a few things to give away; a group at the church is collecting clothing for a charity donation project, so I sent a box of things that direction. I also boxed up some of Lily's not-yet-too-small summer dresses. It seemed a little strange boxing up all of her summer things knowing that I won't be pulling them out of those boxes 6 months from now. I've boxed up things that she's outgrown before, but it's strange to box up the things that still kinda fit.

Lily helped me with my little project. She played on my bed for a while, and then we moved her to her little bouncer. Lily and I talked for a while, and then she played with Tucker. Tucker really just sat there and looked at Lily, but she found that entertaining enough. She giggled and laughed--not the delicate baby laugh, but a full-fledged guffaw--and seemed to have a wonderful time talking with her Tucker.

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