Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloweening

Happy Halloween!!

Lily and I went "Happy Halloween"-ing this evening. Since Lily's too little to eat candy and I don't need to eat candy, we (okay, I) decided that we would go "Happy Halloween"-ing instead of "Trick-or-Treat"-ing this evening. We made up little gifts (pairs of Halloween cookie cutters wrapped in pretty orange tissue paper) and took them to our neighbors. We only went a few places; we went to see the families next door and acrossed the street, the lady next door, and the hummingbird ladies down the street. Though I hadn't really anticipated being out and about for more than a half hour or so, we ended up visiting just about everywhere we stopped and our outing lasted nearly 2 hours. Lily was a little tired and fussy during the later part of the evening, but she did exceptionally well considering she had shots at the doctor's office earlier today.

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