Saturday, October 25, 2008

Halloween/5 Month Pictures

Lily had some pictures taken at Studio Mommy this afternoon. In other words, I took pictures of Lily today. I dressed her up in her Halloween costume and we did some outside fall shots. She's going to be Winnie-the-Pooh for Halloween; I got her costume for $3 at a thrift store. (I couldn't justify spending $30+ on a Halloween costume when she won't remember the occasion.) Anyway, the pictures turned out pretty cute; now it's just a matter of deciding on which one I want to have prints made of and send out as Lily's 5-month pictures. Here are the three favorites; any suggestions?

(This last one should be rotated, but my computer is being uncooperative this evening.)


lb said...

We forgot to "vote" - Rachel and I both like the top one the best.

lb said...

Hmmm - I wonder what happened to my first comment. I had just sent one when I realized that I forgot to vote. So, here is is again. She's so cute - and GROWING! My kids are 12 and 15, and I only ever bought 1 Halloween costume. We always got creative with whatever we could find around here, then maybe bought small props. We had some really good ones, and they never looked like all the other kids!

jp said...

All 3 are cute, cute, cute! I like the 1st and 3rd better than the middle one.