Saturday, November 12, 2005

A Saturday....

Nothing eloquent today....

Today turned out to be a rather busy day for a Saturday. This morning we had a women's retreat at church. The retreat was rather small, but it was still good. I'd been helping to organize the retreat, so I was still trying to make sure everything went smoothly. Everything went well, and I think most of the girls found the morning to be time well spent.

Janet, one of my sisters, was traveling through town today, so she took Jimmy and I out to lunch. We looked at pictures from her latest trip and just chatted and had a good time. We didn't do anything too exciting, but we still had a pleasant afternoon.

I cooked up a pumpkin and a squash this evening. I plan on making pies (and maybe a bread too) sometime within the next few days. I roasted the pumpkin seeds and managed to do so without burning them. Janet brought me a whole bag of peppers (4 different kinds, I think), so I probably need to either string them so they can dry or learn how to make salsa within the next few days.

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