Monday, November 21, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Okay, so we're not quite at Thanksgiving yet, but 'Happy Thanksgiving' anyway!! I'm out of school all week this week, so I'll be headed home to visit Mom and Dad for the rest of the week. Jimmy and I are driving home tomorrow and we're planning on staying until Sunday. I think we're actually having our family Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday, so quite a few people should be home for that. Anyway, it should be a nice, relaxing, relatively uneventful week (a pleasant change from this past week).

I spent most of the weekend attempting to recover from this past week. I finally feel like I've recovered from the general lack of sleep that accompanies paper writing.... The weekend wasn't all spent catching up on zzz's. Jimmy and I went to an early showing of Harry Potter on Friday night, and then we went to a little coffee shop and spent the rest of the evening playing Killer Bunnies. (It's a cool game. Check out the link.) Saturday was a lazy day. I got my hair cut again--took off about another inch this time. And Jimmy and I spent the evening playing Killer Bunnies. Sunday was relatively relaxing too. Jimmy and I had supper at with his mom and brother, went to Mass at the Newman Center, and then spent the rest of the evening playing Killer Bunnies. And now it's Monday...and I've done all of my laundry and I'm almost packed and ready to go home....

Anyway, I'm retreating home to the land of no internet...I'll blog again when I return to the world of technology sometime next week/weekend....

Happy Thanksgiving!!

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