Thursday, November 03, 2005

The Conscience

Well, I dutifully re-read the Baillie plays last night, but then we never got around to discussing them in class today (surprise). I guess that puts me ahead on the readings for next week. We spent class today discussing two of the works of Elizabeth Inchbald, Nature and Art and Lovers' Vows. I enjoyed both of the works--they were easy to read and understand, yet at the same time they were both filled with political and social commentary (and irony--the use of language was wonderful). One of my favorite passages from the play Lovers' Vows (which is a very quick read):
B: My conscience and myself are at variance.
A: Your conscience is in the right.
B: You don't know yet what the quarrel is.
A: Conscience is always right--because it never speaks unless it is so.

I think it's time to call it a day.... I think there's supposed to be an all-girls game of ultimate frisbee this evening, but the wind's blow so hard that playing would be either difficult or impossible. Maybe I'll just go home and find something productive to do....

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