Saturday, May 17, 2008

Renaissance Festival & Sunburn; Onions and Mosquitoes

Jimmy and I took a little trip to the annual Renaissance Festival at the Castle in Muskogee today. It's fairly well-known event, even though I'd never been before. (I'd been to the one in Kansas City, but never the one in Muskogee.) Anyway, we went and spent several hours walking around and looking at everything. We admired the period costumes, and decided that if we're going to go back next year we need to dress up. (I do have a Renaissance outfit, but it's in a box way up at the top of my closet; also, I'm pretty sure the corset wouldn't fit right now anyway. We'll either have to buy or make something for Jimmy before next year.) We had turkey legs for lunch and contemplated getting a funnel cake, but we were too full from the turkey legs. The event was a lot of fun even though I ended up with a mild sunburn (very mild -- only the tops of my shoulders and my nose are a tad pink) and slightly sore legs and ankles.

Later this evening I spent some time working on my garden. Given the circumstances, I'm not being very ambitious this year. I'm doing most of the garden in pots. So far I have 2 pots of tomatoes and 1 each of basil, peppermint, oregano, cilantro, and rosemary. I have 1 empty pot left, and I think I'll plant a bell pepper plant in it. This evening I cleared a little spot in the yard for my onion patch. I had hoped to get the onions planted today, but that didn't quite happen. The mosquitoes outside were trying to carry me away, so I gave up on the onion patch for the evening. I guess I'll try to get out there and finish it sometime tomorrow....

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