Monday, May 12, 2008

At Least it Wasn't a Purple Cow

I was craving an Orange Julius earlier this evening, and since there's no place to buy one where I currently reside, I decided to make one. I assembled all of my ingredients, put them in the blender, pressed the button, and was suddenly wearing about half of the contents of the blender. I'm not precisely sure what happened, but the glass pitcher broke and there was a terrible mess of glass and Orange Julius all over me, the cabinets, and the floor. While cleaning up the sticky mess, two things came to my mind: 1) I needed to mop the floor anyway, and 2) at least it wasn't a Purple Cow.

After I cleaned up the mess, I managed to find the blender that Jimmy and I received as a wedding present last year, and I thus proceeded to make myself another Orange Julius which, just in case you were wondering, tastes wonderful.

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