Thursday, December 07, 2006


I got turned into a girlie-girl earlier this week. I had a Mary Kay party at my house on Tuesday evening as a little end-of-the-semester celebration for the girls from the office. We put lots of stuff on our faces and did the whole 'paint by number' make-up bit. It was actually kinda fun, and I finally learned what colors of make-up I actually should be wearing. (But with as much make-up as I don't wear, it doesn't really matter that much anyhow....) Anyway, it was a fun way to spend an evening and draw the semester to a close.

(Now if only the paper-grading fairy would visit my house tonight, I would be finished....)


Anonymous said...

If you meet this paper grading faery....could you ask her to send the paperwork faery my way? LT

ginabnina said...

The paper grading fairy never arrived. I'll finish grading the last 2 papers later tonight, and then I'll be ready to turn in grades tomorrow.

lb said...

Did your make-up look as "good" as our little girls always do at
Grandma's? I think they'll be Mary Kay consultants when they grow up.