Monday, November 13, 2006

Pink Nails

I have pink fingernails today, very pink fingernails.... I went to the latest Wedding Decisions bridal show (their shows are free, large enough to provide variety among the vendors, and yet small enough that I don't feel overwhelmed by the crowds--oh, and they have good prizes too!) and I won a Mary Kay gift basket with several different bottles of nail polish and all sorts of other stuff. (Including more make-up than I've had in my possession the last half a dozen years.) Since my nails have been looking nice during the past few days, I decided to paint them. I picked the brightest bottle from the basket, and now I have very pink nails. (The only other way I can describe the 'very pink' nature of my nails would be to say that there's pretty close to the color of Pepto-bismol.) The pink's kinda fun (and one of my students even noticed the pink and commented on how it makes my hands look very petite), but I don't know how long I'll keep it before I go back to something that's a little more 'me.'

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