Thursday, November 16, 2006

Is it the weekend yet?

Today was a very crazy day, and I'm tired. I worked this morning, and that was total chaos. Every appointment slot was booked, the phone rang nearly non-stop, e-mails were pouring in, we had to start turning people away, and, to top things off, the printer ran out of paper. I was very, very glad that one of our receptionists made a mistake today and came to work 45 minutes early. Otherwise things would have been even more chaotic....

After a crazy morning, I spent most of the afternoon studying. I met with one of my professors to discuss my exams, and then I met with another grad student who will be taking his exams the same week I'll be taking mine and we spent nearly 3 hours studying and just talking through the materials. I hadn't really talked things through with anyone, so those hours were well spent since talking through things really helps me to learn them.

I had another meeting this evening. Hot tea and bagels were involved.

Now I'm going to put myself to bed so I can get up earlier than usual tomorrow and read freshman composition portfolios all day.

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