Saturday, September 16, 2006

Homecoming Weekend

It's Homecoming on campus this weekend. I've never really enjoyed Homecoming, not even as an undergrad. As an undergrad and a residence assistant, I would volunteer to be on duty during a large portion of the festivities so I didn't feel obligated to attend. As a graduate student and instructor, my feelings toward Homecoming haven't changed too much. My students have had 'Homecoming-on-the-brain' for most of the past week. The roads to my house were closed the other night because the university was setting off fireworks to go with the big bonfire. All of the roads to my office are currently blocked because of tailgating and other Homecoming-related traffic and activities...and the game doesn't start until 6. (I might go to the game tonight if Jimmy's up for it when he gets off work. I do actually like football. Also, one of my students this semester is on the football team, and he'll probably make me feel guilty on Monday if I don't go to the game since I missed the last home game.) Ah well, in another 24 hours this whole Homecoming thing will be over....

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