Tuesday, July 06, 2010

The Happy Bee

The Happy Bee is the title of one of Lily's current favorite books. We read The Happy Bee at least half a dozen times a day, and she "reads" it to herself quite a bit as well. It's a cute little book and I like it too, but Lily's beginning to become a little too attached. Today she wanted to take it to bed with her at naptime. I let her do that, as I do sometimes let her have a book at naptime. Tonight, however, she wanted to take it to bed with her for night-night. The mean mommy said no, and the screaming ensued. Though I don't like hearing my little angel screaming, there's just something a little bit funny about hearing a toddler crying and screaming "I want The Happy Bee! I want The Happy Bee!"

(And, just to let you know, the screaming lasted about 45 seconds. She's asleep now.)

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