Saturday, May 29, 2010

French Quarter, New Orleans

We spent today walking around the French Quarter and the Art District in New Orleans. We wandered around and Quarter and visited some absolutely amazing art galleries and antique shops. (I found a beautiful $225,000 hundred-year-old French baby grand piano that was absolutely amazing just in case anybody needs any ideas for Christmas....) We took Lily to the Louisiana Children's Museum, and she had a wonderful time playing and exploring there. We also stopped by Cafe du Monde and Lily had her first biegnets.


rettrat said...

Looks like fun : )

lb said...

What's a biegnet? Looks like a funnel cake in a different shape. Hope you had a fun vacation! I'm one who checks the blog for new Lily pics, so thanks for the update.

ginabnina said...

A biegnet is more like a sopapilla than a funnel cake, but it's essentially the same basic idea. (It's the French version.) And it's served with a huge pile of powdered sugar!