Wednesday, February 10, 2010

ABCs and Clean-up

I bought Lily an ABC puzzle for Christmas, and I thought it was something that would probably be a bit too advanced for her at this point. (Actually, at Christmas I was kicking myself because I just bought my little 18-month-old a puzzle with 26 pieces. I was guessing that I would be picking up puzzle pieces just about every day and trying make sure we didn't lose any pieces.) Anyway, Lily has now mastered her ABC puzzle. She can put the whole puzzle together, and can match most of the letters with the pictures that go with them. Also, I haven't had to pick up the puzzle pieces very often because Lily has started helping with clean-up in the evenings. She helps to put all of her toys in their baskets and puts her big toys under her bed where they belong. It's so nice that she's beginning to help with things like clean-up; it makes keeping the house in order so much easier!!

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lb said...

Enjoy it while it lasts. She'll outgrow it.