Monday, February 09, 2009

Scout Sunday

This past Sunday was Scout Sunday at church. While it was nice that the scouts were assisting with the service, there were two things that I noticed that were a little disturbing and disheartening. First, only boy scouts were participating in the event. All of the boys were in their scouts uniforms/shirts, but none of the girls seemed to be observing the occasion. (Also, it was only the boys who assisted with the service.) I know our community has a very active girl scouts program, so I was a bit bothered that the girls weren't participating in the event. And my second observation, and the one I consider to be the more disturbing of the two, is that all of the boy scout leaders were moms. Shouldn't the boy scout leaders be dads, especially since the boy scouts was completely closed to girls until just a few years ago? It doesn't seem right that moms are running the boy scout's troops. All I have to say is that if I ever have boys, they won't be a part of boy scout troops that are run by moms....

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