Friday, February 20, 2009


We now have a crawler!! Lily has been mobile for quite a while -- rolling everywhere and doing an army-type crawl, but now we have traditional hands-and-knees crawling. She's moving quite quickly now, and she's pretty well-balanced too.

Lily's also beginning to develop her personality -- and a bit of a stubborn streak. She now knows how to shake her head 'no' and is beginning to refuse to eat some of the new foods that we're trying to introduce. She's also beginning to protest her carseats. She screams for a minute or so every time we try to put her in a seat, and she's also figured out that she can prolong getting buckled in if she arches her back and stiffens her whole body. Luckily, she can only hold that pose for so long, so Mommy and Daddy win and Lily ends up safely buckled in her carseat.

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lb said...

I remember when my "sweet" little girl would throw tantrums and squirm her way out of her carseat. (She was probably close to 3) I would drive with one hand on the wheel, and the other behind my seat, holding her feet together so she couldn't get out. How safe is that???