Thursday, January 08, 2009

Painting Pants

I've been doing a couple of painting projects lately, and I just washed my painting pants today. As I was washing them, I noticed all of the different colors of paint that were splattered all over them and began recalling all of the painting projects.... There was bright yellow paint from painting lines on a parking lot as s fundraiser for the WYD trip to Toronto in 2002. There was grey-blue paint from helping a college friend paint her parents' house in the summer of 2003. There was off-white (54-11) paint from repainting my college dorm room back to the standard university-approved color following a prior painting project (which wasn't reflected on the pants). There was white paint, presumably from a slew of different projects: the bathroom and vanity at my last apartment, the laundry room at the previous house, and the office at school that I painted this past week. There was grey paint from the trim at the last house, and there was black paint from the current painting project: the shed (which will no longer be a garage when we're through with it).

Several elements of this whole thing amaze me: the number of painting projects that I've undertaken in the past 7 years, and the fact that I've had the same pair of painting pants for the past 7 years (not to mention that they still fit after 7 years)....

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