Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Duck Thief

I believe Lily's filched a rubber duckie. I picked up Lily from her babysitter this afternoon and then went to a local coffee shop (my normal Thursday place actually) to get a late lunch and hang out with Lily before driving back home. When I took Lily out of her carseat, I found that she was sharing her seat with a rubber duckie (and it wasn't one of her rubber duckies as her duckies stay in the bathtub). As far as I can figure, Lily filched the duckie from one of two places: the babysitter's house or the foster care shelter/office. (Lily's babysitter does short-term foster care for infants, and sometimes she has to take Lily with her when she takes her other baby for doctor's appointments or parent visits or whatever.) I hope the duckie came from the babysitter's house, because stealing toys from foster children is just wrong on so many levels....

1 comment:

jp said...

Surely she is innocent!
Tucker probably dragged one of her duckies out of the tub and gave it to her. Besides, she prefers diamonds!
Is she coming to see me so you and Jimmy can go Christmas shopping?